Ditch dieting and learn to nourish your body with confidence

Virtual nutrition counseling can help you stop googling for answers on what to eat and start connecting with your body and learning what is right for you.

Reclaim your relationship with food

If you're tired of the dieting merry-go-round and feeling like you're forever chasing the next eating trend, you're in the right place.

Here, it's all about listening to your body and finding joy in food again.

I'm here to walk alongside you as you discover what food means to you now and what you want it to look like moving forward.

Let's make peace with eating and rediscover the joys of a balanced, nourishing lifestyle.
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meet the dietitian

shay tinari dietitian pa

Hi, I'm Shay

I am so excited that you are here.

I like to think that when you meet me, you can instantly tell that I LOVE what I do!

I practice from a weight-inclusive and trauma informed lens, meaning instead of focusing on changing your body size, I focus on health-promoting behaviors to help you improve your mental and physical health.

Using an evidence-based self-care eating framework called Intuitive Eating, alongside medical nutrition therapy, I will help you ditch rigid food rules and food guilt and learn how to nourish and connect to your mind and body.

Your body has the wisdom to take care of itself, but this connection can get disrupted through years of being told what to eat or not to eat for your health. I am passionate about helping you heal from nutrition misinformation so you can live a nourished and confident life with food. Nutrition is important, but stressing about food is simply not healthy!

Let me help you redefine how nutrition plays a role in your life.

Ways we can work together

How to get started with nutrition counseling

step 1

Schedule your discovery call

Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to see how we can best work together to achieve your health goals.

step 2

Attend your assessment

Attend your initial nutrition assessment to help us get to know each other and your nutrition needs.

step 3

Continue to work together

We will continue to work together during follow-up sessions where we find out what is and isn't working and talk through strategies to continue to move through your healing journey.

What my clients are saying

Working with Shay has changed my life in such an incredible way.

I learned so much and I know that I will never go back into the toxicity that is diet culture. I didn't realize all of the stress, anxiety, and negative impact diet culture had on my life until I started working with Shay and now I feel so much lighter.

It's so freeing to get out of that diet mentality and I want everyone to feel this way.

I cannot recommend Shay enough!! While working with Shay, I also saw my bloodwork improve, even though I had gained weight, and proved my doctors wrong.

You won't regret it, and it might be one of the best things you ever do.
After 30 years of unhealthy eating habits, it was time to consult with a professional.

Since working with Shay, I have more energy, sleep better and feel better about myself. I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with food. She's been a wonderful source of nutritional information, while showing me how to use my own body and mind to nourish myself.

Shay, thank you for teaching me this most important skill. I will be forever grateful to you!!!"
​Working with Shay has been such a positive experience!

As a person who has struggled with body image and my relationship with food, Shay has helped me embrace Intuitive Eating and get rid of a diet mentality.

Her passion for what she does shows and makes me look forward to my sessions with her so I can share my "wins", knowing she'll be genuinely happy for me.
I came to Shay because I was struggling to navigate maintaining my blood sugar without slipping back into disordered eating.

I chose her because she seemed so kind and understanding in her response email, and she follows a body positive, Health at Every Size method, which is important to me.

Shay has been so crucial in helping me manage my guilt around food and sugar, and especially to stop thinking in terms of "good" vs. "bad" foods.

I highly recommend Shay for her understanding and accessible approach.
former client
If you’re wondering whether you should reach out and start working with Shay, you probably should.

Before I started working with her, I had read all I could about intuitive eating but struggled for a while with putting it into practice.

The way she helped me practice self compassion along with instilling a sense of freedom around food has changed my life for the better forever and I am very grateful.
former client
Before working with Shay I was jumping from diet to diet, frustrated that I was never getting the full results I was looking for or just not being able to sustain "the results."

Shay took the time to really learn about me and held space each and every session I had for me to unpack all the feelings I had around food, exercise, and my body. If you are hesitant to start your own intuitive eating journey, I promise Shay is the one you want to start this journey with as she will be the best cheerleader and coach for what you need.
former client
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Intuitive Eating & body image resources

Check out my collection of amazing resources for learning more about Intuitive Eating and body image.
shay tinari rd nutritionist pa

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